DIY Yellowstone Halloween Costumes For True Fans

Yellowstone Halloween Costumes

After season 5, Yellowstone will end. So, 2023 is the ideal year to break out the Yellowstone Halloween costumes. Even though the show isn’t anticipated to be back in November as previously promised, everyone will still be thinking about it when it premieres on CBS. The well-liked program Yellowstone revived the Western fashion craze and made cowboy boots, hats, and everything Wrangler fashionable. You probably already have some necessary items in your closet, so making these costumes should be simple.

On this list, even boys who dislike dressing up can likely find something to wear. Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up as a cowboy for the evening? A show-stopping group costume may be created with your buddies, or Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton would be the ideal couple’s outfit. You might even throw a costume watch party when the show returns to continue the celebration.

Beth Dutton


Beth Dutton, who is John Dutton’s daughter, is renowned for her upgraded sense of style. Her clothes, from the blue hood coats to the long Halloween jackets with the leopard print to the pink coat with the geometric design, convey a sense of gentleness and sophistication to the observer.

Beth is a tomboy. Her fantastic style is next to her wonderfully complex personality. Her iconic looks—cowboy hats, boots, and leopard—have been well-known and adored by her followers over the years! She has, however, occasionally shocked us by displaying a softer side with lovely prints, not to mention the attire she wore for romantic occasions like her and Rip’s wedding.

Make a dramatic statement at your upcoming Halloween party to stand out! There is no better way to accomplish it than taking after Kelly Reilly’s fiery Beth Dutton. Over the seasons, she has provided us with many memorable styles, such as Beth Dutton Blue Jacket, floral sundresses, a white leopard coat, and the sizeable turquoise scarf from season 3. A hat, some pants, and a brown Carhartt jacket are all needed to complete this cowboy appearance. 

You would require a coat to create her attire. You can buy her wardrobe essentials, such as  Beth Dutton Pink Coat, a blue trench, and a hood. Alternatively, choose from the items in your closet. When duplicating Beth Dutton’s attire, selecting a neutral shade to convey its attractiveness is crucial. Instead of using hues like copper and nudes, choose combinations like sky blue, baby pink, and beige. Maintaining the core of her style requires using the proper color tone.

John Dutton Costume


The show’s main character, John Dutton, is depicted as wearing a white ten-gallon hat, a rancher jacket, a John Dutton quilted jacket, and sky-blue pants. You need a Brown Vest, John Dutton Hat, Yellowstone John Dutton Leather Jacket, Button-up Shirt, Flat Front Khaki Pants, and Brown square-toe boots to look like John.

Rip Wheeler


Rip Wheeler’s appearance is the one that Yellowstone has raised to iconic status. You immediately picture a Dutton enforcer when you see someone wearing aviators with a Rip Wheeler Cowboy hat, brown tint, and  Rip Wheeler Black Jacket. That is precisely why we have identified Cole Hauser’s standout character in this article.

Yellowstone on television is where the Rip Wheeler outfit emerged. Before the audience’s first encounter with Rip Wheeler, he had a challenging and traumatizing life. He came to the ranch to help and escape because of his troubles.

As an essential part of the Dutton family and the legitimate spouse of Mr. John Dutton’s daughter, Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler is frequently recognized as Mr. John Dutton’s son. Like his father-in-law, Rip Wheeler wears clothes that reflect his gruff and outdoorsy personality and radiate a no-nonsense vibe.

Rip Wheeler’s style can be ideal if you enjoy adopting a stern and rigid appearance. He usually wears a simple brown leather coat with some ornamentation, denim pants, a plaid shirt, and a rugged, solid-colored Rip Wheeler jacket. Remember to wear a strong pair of boots to complete the appearance.

Jamie Dutton


Jamie Dutton is the one who consistently lets the team down out of all the Dutton kids roaming the ranch in Yellowstone. Wes Bentley plays Jamie and puts the “drama” in the best series.

Jamie, disliked by both his sister and father, has changed sides so frequently that it may be difficult to remember who he is, what he desires, and what mess he’s gotten himself into this time. Being a villain for Halloween is the ideal choice. Therefore, why not have Jamie Dutton? He might be terrible, but he certainly knows how to dress.



When she initially reached to work on the Dutton ranch, the pink-haired, smack-talkin’ Texan greatly impacted Rip, Kayce, Lloyd, and the other hired help. Even though Teeter’s bulky accent occasionally makes it difficult to understand her, the bunkhouse would not be the same without her. And, indeed, Teeter is meant to stay now that she sports the infamous Yellowstone tag.

The actress who portrays Teeter is certainly well-known if you can ignore her pink hair. The fans and followers of soap operas will recall Jen from her appearance on As the World Turns as Gwen Norbeck Munson. She was in nearly 500 episodes and was honored with three straight Daytime Emmys for Best Younger Talent in a Drama Series.

With Teeter, nobody plays games. Nobody will bother you if you adopt her unmistakable appearance this Halloween! The impression is easy, but all you need to finish it off is some pink hair dye.

Tate Dutton


Consider this sweet idea for any father-son teams: Your child may costume as Tate (Brecken Merrill), Kayce’s son and John’s lone grandchild, and you can go as Kayce or John Dutton. Get him the miniature version of your outfit with a hat, rugged jacket, and cowboy boots.



Ian Bohen portrays Ryan, a character in the film Yellowstone. He works at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch as a ranch worker. 

Get your buddies together, and have them all dress up like the ranchers from the show. Many characters are available, but Ryan (Ian Bohen) represents one of our favorites: His colorful emblem around his neck reveals he is also a wildlife agent.

Lloyd Pierce


Dressing up as Lloyd Pierce is a simple way to express your admiration for him. Start by wearing a denim shirt, some denim pants, and a brown belt. Add a cowboy hat and a brown leather vest coat to finish the look. These components will enable you to express Lloyd Pierce’s aesthetic fully.

Monica Dutton


Monica should *not* be ignored! She may occasionally come across as dubious and reserved, but she only wants what’s best for her family. Dress in an uncomplicated, easy-going ranch look to embody the brave but serene soul. All you’ll need is a striking necklace, a white tank top, a basic cap, and a checkered flannel.

Jimmy Hurdstrom

We realize that we haven’t seen Jimmy in a while, but from seasons 1 to 4, he was a favorite character, especially when viewers saw the gentleman he became after his difficult early years. He’s a fashionable cowboy, and you’ll look great for Halloween if you wear a jean jacket, a straw hat, and brown jeans.

Kayce Dutton


Kayce is the Dutton family member who is separated from John in Yellowstone. An actor and country musician, Luke Grimes portrays him in the Yellowstone cast. He frequently follows his father’s instructions and spills blood while doing so.

Luke Grimes’ character, Kayce, is a relaxed guy who wears casual clothing. Despite this, he still maintains a stylish appearance. To create this style, fire up with a denim shirt, jeans, and a belt. Add some boots, a cowboy hat, and other accessories you like to make the outfit your own. Consider a bolo tie to take it a step further. We guarantee that by using these components, you’ll look fabulous this Halloween.


In summary, Yellowstone has won many fans for its compelling plot, outstanding actors, and recognizable style. The series offers various clothing alternatives for fans to admire and emulate, from Beth Dutton’s exquisite outerwear to Kayce Dutton’s casual cowboy outfit. The DIY Yellowstone Outfits ideas mentioned above are a terrific place to start, whether you want to look like one of your favorite characters for Halloween or add some Yellowstone Clothing pieces to your wardrobe. You may express your affection for the series and catch the essence of any of the characters’ costumes with a bit of imagination and a few essential components.